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Elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.  The specificity of laws varies from state to state, but broadly defined, abuse may be:

    - Physical Abuse – Inflicting, or threatening to inflict, physical pain or injury on a vulnerable elder, or
                                     depriving them of a basic need.

    - Emotional Abuse – Inflicting mental pain, anguish, or distress on an elder person through verbal or
                                        nonverbal acts.

    - Sexual Abuse – Non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.

    - Exploitation – Illegal taking, misuse, or concealment of funds, property, or assets of a vulnerable elder.

    - Neglect – Refusal or failure by those responsible to provide food, shelter, health care or protection for a
                        vulnerable elder.

    - Abandonment – The desertion of a vulnerable elder by anyone who has assumed the responsibility for
                                   care or custody of that person.

Elder abuse can affect people of ALL ethnic backgrounds and social status and can affect both men and women.

*To report suspected elder abuse, please call the Elder Abuse Hotline > (800) 752-6200.

*For more information about elder abuse, please contact GRADD’s Area Aging on Agency > (800) 928-9094.

This information is made possible by state and/or federal funding provided by the Department for Aging and Independent Living.