How does the Water Management Council ranking process work?

The passage of Senate Bill 409 during the 2000 Kentucky Legislative Session changed the way the State of Kentucky planned for the management of its drinking water resources. The passage of Senate Bill 409 required the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to implement a program of water management planning that would ensure the development of necessary infrastructure that would allow the provision of public water service for all Kentucky households by the year 2020.

Senate Bill 409 also required the Area Development Districts across the state to work with KIA to develop water management planning areas that would encompass the entire Commonwealth.

The ADDs across the state were also charged with the coordination of multi-county planning councils whose primary responsibility was to develop a long range water supply plan for each Area Development District across the state. These multi-county planning councils were also given the responsibility of prioritizing all water and wastewater projects for their region for any available funding through the Kentucky State Legislature.

Each ADD would employ a full-time water service coordinator whose primary responsibility was to coordinate the activities of the regional water management planning council and to serve as a liaison between local utilities, local elected officials, and state and federal funding agencies.

The GRADD Water Management Council meets quarterly. Staff in this department also provides project administration services for water and wastewater infrastructure construction projects. Staff works closely with project engineers, utility management, and funding sources.

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