As part of its MPO duties, GRADD provides technical, planning, and managerial assistance to the Owensboro Transit System (OTS). GRADD staff assists OTS with everything from grant writing and reporting to creating and updating the OTS System Map. GRADD is more hands-on with its fixed-route bus system than any other MPO or ADD in Kentucky. Here is a sample of the things we do for OTS, either through MPO funding or direct contract funding. 

The following is a list of the duties GRADD performs for OTS:

  1. Assistance in FTA grant application data entry and assistance with Triennial Reviews;
  2. Create Title VI report every three years and ensure OTS compliance; hold public hearings and issue legal notices, if necessary;
  3. Create Disadvantaged Business Enterprise goal and submit to the FTA to ensure OTS compliance; hold public hearings and issue legal notices, if necessary; assist local firms in becoming DBE certified;
  4. Create official OTS English and Spanish maps and ensure that they are current;
  5. Review OTS Transit Asset Management targets on an annual basis and review and revise the agency’s Transit Asset Management plan as needed;
  6. Review and revise the OTS Public Transit Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) as needed;
  7. Maintain Green River Area Coordinated Public Transit Plan and arrange appropriate meetings;

The Owensboro Transit System has established a new Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Goal for 2020-2022. The Goal considers how much federal funding OTS receives, how much OTS anticipates spending, what OTS anticipates buying and the agency’s past spending to calculate how much OTS should reasonably expend to spend annually doing business with minority- or women-owned businesses. For more information, please visit