The department is comprised of the following divisions: Aging Services; In-Home Services; Community Services; and Consumer Directed Option. In addition the department offers a variety of special projects including regional events, training and conferences.

The Green River Council on Aging advise the Department. In addition, the council has established committees comprised of individuals representing each of the GRADD counties. These committees provide the guidance to the Council concerning public policy, service delivery, assessment of community resources and advocacy, and assessment of community needs.

The GRADD Aging & Social Services department provides administrative support for special committees such as the Ombudsman, Americorps, TRIAD, and Mental Health.

The department’s staff provides professional support and administration for the GRADD programs. In addition they provide a variety of services and direct assistance to our local governments, agencies, community groups, and individuals. The department hosts the regional information and assistance services in addition to being a member of the national information and referral services network.