Local Government Assistance
GRADD offers public administration services to communities within our region.  We are an extension of the staff of local city and county governments and are available for a wide variety of technical assistance. GRADD can assist your community with questions on state statute compliance, administrative issues, available funding sources, and legislative tracking.  We assist with the Area Development Fund, Land and Water Conservation Fund, and Recreational Trails grant programs; as well as numerous other grants for public protection, historic preservation, and resource conservation and development.

Economic Development
The GRADD CED department administers several grant and loan programs to help create and foster economic development within Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, McLean, Ohio, Union, and Webster Counties. Among these are Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), the Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), and the Infrastructure Revolving Loan Fund. CED staff also works closely with the boards of the Green River Economic Development Corporation and the district’s two regional industrial parks, Bluegrass Crossings Business Centre (serving Ohio, Daviess, McLean, Hancock, and Muhlenberg Counties) and 4 Star Industrial Park (serving Henderson, Webster, McLean, and Union Counties).

Community Development
GRADD is helping to build strong communities through projects that have social, as well as economic benefits. Numerous Community Development Block Grants and other federal and state grants have helped fund everything from improved drinking water to senior citizens centers. Community Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) grants help our cities and counties recover following severe storms and other environmental disasters. GRADD helps administer programs to improve housing within our district. We offer support to the Green River Housing Corporation, which funds programs to help low-to-moderate income individuals. GRADD can also help coordinate Repair Affairs, which are one-day repair blitzes where volunteers make repairs for low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners.

Budget Prep Assistance
GRADD offers assistance to communities in preparing their annual operating budgets. GRADD hosts an annual budget workshop to assist treasurers and financial officers at the county level, and will be happy to review a city’s annual budget and offer advice and technical assistance.

KRS Statute Compliance
GRADD strives to keep cities and counties informed of new laws and changes to the Kentucky Revised Statutes that impact local governments. We are also available to answer any questions that may arise regarding the organization, daily administration, and policies of your community, and will gladly assist you in developing applicable ordinances or resolutions to present to your court, council, or commission.

Legislative Research

During legislative sessions GRADD tracks the activities of the Kentucky General Assembly closely to monitor the effect of new laws upon local communities. GRADD holds an annual Legislative Breakfast to afford local legislators a forum to discuss important issues and allow citizens an opportunity to express their concerns and desires to their Senators and Representatives. Please contact us if there is a particular bill or issue that you would like us to monitor on behalf of your community.

Parks and Recreation Grants
The annual Land and Water Conservation Fund (LCWF) grant and Recreational Trails Program grant assist communities in improving recreational opportunities for citizens. The LCWF grant assists cities and counties in acquiring, developing or renovating outdoor recreation areas and facilities. The minimum grant request is $5,000, with the maximum being $75,000. 

The Recreational Trails grant assists communities in developing new trails and maintaining current trails for recreational use. The minimum grant request is $25,000, with the maximum being 100,000. Project sponsors for both grants must also contribute 50-percent of the total project cost through cash, force accounts, and/or donations.

Personnel Policies for Local Government
GRADD is available to assist cities and counties in developing and revising their personnel policies. With rapidly changing technologies, the proliferation of litigation, etc, in our society, it is important for local governments to routinely examine existing policy and procedure manuals. GRADD aids local governments in revising or creating new policies.

Tax Rate Calculations
GRADD offers assistance to cities in preparing annual tax rate calculations. Once a city receives its annual tax roll from the county’s Property Valuation Administration, GRADD will calculate a city’s potential real and personal property tax rates.