GRADD is the designated staff for the Owensboro-Daviess County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), overseeing transportation planning for the Greater Owensboro area.

GIS/GPS Mapping
If you have never heard of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), think of your GPS (Global Positioning System) in your vehicle. GIS provides the necessary information for the GPS to direct you to your destination. A good GIS will not be noticeable but will be able to provide you with quick and accurate decisions.

Hazard Mitigation
With the escalation of natural hazard events throughout the region, hazard mitigation has become a prominent topic for communities. Since 2003, the Green River Area Development District has assisted the region with the development and subsequent updates of the multi-hazard, multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan.

Infrastructure Planning (Utilities)
The Kentucky General Assembly amended KRS Chapter 224A through the passage of Senate Bill 409 in 2000. This bill changed the way that the state of Kentucky planned for the management of its drinking water resources. The passage of Senate Bill 409 required the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (KIA) to implement a program of water management planning that would insure the development of necessary infrastructure that would allow the provision of public water service for all Kentucky households by the year 2020.

Local Government Assistance
GRADD offers public administration services to communities within our region.  We are an extension of the staff of local city and county governments and are available for a wide variety of technical assistance. GRADD can assist your community with questions on state statute compliance, administrative issues, available funding sources, and legislative tracking.

Open Records/Open Meetings Information
The Kentucky Office of the Attorney General and the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives hosted a special training at GRADD on February 17, 2016 — What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Understanding Open Meetings, Open Records and Records Management.