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The Daviess County Fiscal Court will be providing financial assistance to small business owners who received a COVID-19 Relief loan through the Green River Area Development District (GRADD).

In May of this year, GRADD received approval from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to use up to $250,000 of its Revolving Loan Fund to offer COVID-19 Relief loans to small business in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. These loans are eligible for deferral for up to six months with interest accrued at a rate of 2.44% with terms up to 36 months. Several small businesses have taken advantage of GRADD’s loan program and the Daviess County Fiscal Court wants to help these businesses even more.

The Daviess County Fiscal Court has partnered with GRADD to ease the financial burden on small business owners who have received a GRADD COVID-19 loan. The Fiscal Court has offered to make the first loan repayment and cover all accrued interest on behalf of county small business loan recipients.

“The Daviess County Fiscal Court appreciates the effort of local small businesses to endure and adapt during these trying times. We continue to offer our support and hope that our contribution allows you to continue focusing your efforts on operating your business,” states Mattingly in a letter directed to recipients of GRADD’s loan.

“This has been an unprecedented time for our 83-year-old business.  It has been reassuring to know that the Daviess County Fiscal Court and GRADD have shown the importance of locally-owned small businesses by offering their assistance,” says Ruth Ann Mason owner Tom Blue Furniture.

Published on July 23, 2020