The Medicaid waiver program provides services for those eligible for the Home and Community Based Waiver and Michelle P Waiver. Potential participants are required to meet the eligibility criteria established in Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) for Medicaid waiver services. This program allows the individual to choose who provides their non-medical waiver services. This program is based on person-centered principles and allows participants a choice in who provides their services. Each participant can choose to either Participant Direct their services or have a waiver agency provide their services.

The Home and Community Based Waiver program can provide home and community supports, respite, goods and services, attendant, Adult Day Health, Environmental or Minor Home Adaptation, case management, and service advisor services. The Michelle P Waiver can provide respite, homemaker, personal care, attendant care, supported employment, adult day training, behavior supports, community living support, goods and services, and support broker services. Eligibility for specific services is determined by the Department for Medicaid Services and is based on waiver criteria.

Green River Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living (GRAAAIL) has been providing waiver services since 2006 for the Home and Community Based Waiver. In 2008 GRAAAIL began providing for the Michelle P waiver. In addition to participant-directed services, GRAAAIL is able to provide traditional case management services to individuals who qualify through the Home and Community Based Waiver.

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This information is made possible by state and/or federal funding provided by the Department for Aging and Independent Living.